We thought we would gather all the stuff we did as BNC in the past few years under one post: all remixes, all covers (that were made on request) and all other collaborations that you may not know about, as there were some exceptional opportunities we were super happy with. We hope there is going to be more in the future.

February 28, 2020

BNC and fashion.

We got really excited when we were asked to provide a few tracks to German photographer and artist, Iris Brosch. She was working on some couture videos in Paris and it was fantastic to see how our music came together with her vivid visuals. We’d love to do more of these.


BNC and film.

We have a great fan and friend in the US, who has been following our work from the very beginning. He recently got a role in an independent film called City of Salt created by some wonderful and passionate people, who liked our music so much they decided to add it to the official film score. Our B-side track Eleven from the Bête Noire single inspired the title score for the film, which can be heard in this trailer. The movie speaks up for the LGBT community and addresses other issues such as teenage suicide and addictions.

Covers and remixes.

We did quite a few remixes and cover versions in the past few years. Here are the tweaks we enjoyed doing the most. This list does not include covers which we created just for fun, as we thought that would not be fair on a list called “collaborations”.